Networking Systems Analysis, Design, and Installation

With experience in various networking technologies, Office Solutions Inc. can assist your company in the various aspects of your data network, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Network design and implementation
  • Internet connectivity
  • CP/IP addressing configurations
  • Overall implementation
With experienced technicians on staff, Dirks Copy Products, Inc. can provide a professional, quality, and cost-effective networking solution for your company.

Network Support Services available

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

This system is used to accommodate the traveling person that needs remote access to your network while they are away from the office. This provides a secure & private connection to protect your business, utilizing safe certified encryption.

Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Access(WLAN):

We can implement the hardware and software necessary to ensure reliable and secureaccess to your shared network resources (including file servers, network printers and scanners, wireless access, etc) for your company’s users and guests.

Wide Area Network (WAN):

Consists of two or more inter-connected LANs. Typically used to connect branches or several offices together over one or more high speed, encrypted data connections. This provides a seamless, secure link that integrates all of your office data and phone resources into a single network.

Networking Equipment:

We have extensive experience integrating a wide variety of hardware and software systems including:

  • Desktop computers, File servers, and Laptops
  • Tablets and smart phones
  • Wireless access points devices
  • Data routers
  • Data switches

Our goal is to provide your company with an efficient and user friendly network that enables your users to perform their jobs as cost effectively as possible.

Office Solutions Inc. prides itself on the dependability and reliability of our networking experience & security.